Tuesday, November 01, 2011

COT - Carve Out Time

The holiday season is off and running. How in a season filled with gatherings and events can you maintain or even begin a fitness routine? It's simple...repeat after me...COT.


Just as important as your work and family schedule, so should you place that value on your fitness schedule. If you don't have a fitness routine, this is a great place to start. When you plan out your day or week, it is easy for you to CARVE OUT  some TIME.  Write it down and block it off.  Make it something that you can't skip out on.  Make it a priority.

If its on the schedule, there is a measure of accountability. You have thought about it enough to write or type it in, so why not follow through? 

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Brian said...

Hey Mike, I recently went through a period of reduced running, mostly because I let it slide to easily. Not training for a specific race I just ran when I wanted, but not having things planned I found myself saying "I'll run tomorrow" a lot.

I broke out of this rut after reading the comments of a streak runner discussing how keeping his streak going forced him to think about planning for his run EVERY day. I decided to streak, my first ever. Tomorrow is day 10 for me. My rules are pretty basic, at least 1 mile a day for the rest of 2011, that's it. I have yet to only run 1 though, once you plan it in and are out there you'll often go longer. Anyway, with the simple rules I don't have a lot of pressure and I am not racking up so many miles as to get hurt. I've been scheduling in easy days with the dog or my kids to make sure not every run is difficult.

I have found the discipline needed to think about when to run every day is tougher than it sounded and something I hope will spill over into other aspects of my life as well.