Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My commuting steed

Round Trip Commute Distance: 37 miles

Time: 2 hr 43 min

Got to thinking that even though it seems like I spent a lot of time riding to and from work, a closer inspection might reveal otherwise.

If I were to drive to and from work it is about 60 minutes conservatively, and that is if I do not stop for some java which can add 5 -10 minutes. Now, let's say I want to get a run in either before work or after or both and assume 8 miles total. That is at least 75 - 90 minutes depending on pace and doesnt include getting ready to run and so on. So at the very least with commuting by car and a run, I may use 2hr 20 min to 2 hr and 40 min of which only 50-70% is spent exercising.

If I could only figure out a way to commute more often.

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