Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dear Training Plan,

Dear Training Plan,

As I throw the last bale of hay in the training barn and close the doors on this training cycle, I would like to thank you. Saying thanks to you is not something that should be taken lightly or in jest either. You see, training plan, you were something that I have long gone without in my running life. My style has been pretty free flowing for years on end. I would pick a race or goal, look at what others have done, and cobble something together in my mind that I would loosely follow. Yes, it has taken me to places that I had only dreamed about until achieved, but others have long extolled the virtures of you.

Others spoke of you delivering them to the starting line, confident they have done in practice what was necessary to achieve their goal on race day. Despite their admiration for you, I admit to being hesitant to allow you to be part of my life. You would force me to put fences around my running. You would force me to count back from race day and actually have a purpose to each run. No more just going out and doing whatever I felt like.

So tentatively, I began following your words and workouts. Was I hoping in the back of my mind, you wouldn't deliver and I could return to my free spirited, unstructured ways? Most certainly. Slowly though, you began to win me over. Despite some detours on the road, namely injury and sickness, a perfect opportunitiy and or excuse to throw you away, I stuck with it. My legs and lungs begn to respond to the specific workouts and an attitude of, "well, maybe this isn't so bad" began to gain momentum. I began to understand the value of what others had whispered on training runs or in races.

As I toe the line of another marathon this weekend, I will be doing it having followed a plan. This is a huge step for me, and I have you to thank training plan.

Hoping to make you proud come race day,



Unknown said...

Love that post! Fantastic writing. All the best for the marathon! Here we come 3:14!

anderson5 said...

that is so true. I am a new runner who spent the first 6 months running on my own and just started a running program and I love your comment about things getting easier.

Unknown said...

I find it more and more interesting how much similarity there is in our thinking. A month or so ago, I was listening to your reading of Zen Running. It really affected the way I felt about running. I employed some of that mindset into my current running, such as 'running within your breathing'. I just finished reading your post 'Dear Training Plan' and find that my running, perspective, and views are parallel to yours(though you are much faster). I have run with abandon and picked up snippets of tips and information along the way, and am enamored with the freedom and creativity of running. Now I am faced with a training plan, as I prepare to run my first marathon in 2/2012. I am uneasy about being chained to a regimen, and at the same time realize that I do indeed need the structure, if I plan on completing the goal completely, and injury free. Your words, embellish the way I view things. Just wanted to leave a comment and let you know that I consider you a kindred spirit, and look forward to reading and listening to many more of your thoughts, and outlook on all things running &life. They are an affirmation of my thoughts, and views. Run long friend!

Just Norm