Sunday, December 07, 2008


In pursuit of carrying things that are light and functional, I ran across the RedFly which serves as a larger terminal for my WinMo smartphone. It has no memory, no CPU, and a low TCO, but does have 2 USB ports, a VGA monitor hookup and perhaps most importantly charges my phone as I work! Last Xmas, Dirrty Girl got me an ATT Tilt which is like a mini laptop and is what I use in conjunction with my Redfly.

With an 8 inch screen and much larger keyboard, I am now able to bang away for longer than like 15 words and actually get some work done. It is also no bigger than a large paperback and can run for 8 hours on a single charge. Although, I would really like another Apple Macbook, I am being practical and since my smartphone already has applications that I use, WiFi, and an unlimited data plan, this seems like the perfect little companion to make me more productive. I was even able to download a program called LogMeIn which allows me to have remote access to my desktop at home. Sure did freak Dirrty Girl out one day when I was sitting at Starbucks and took over control of the PC as she was trying to do some online banking.
She was not impressed.

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