Sunday, January 13, 2008

T vs. D

There are just some days when as a runner you head out the door and have a purpose in mind be it a marathon, tempo, fartlek, or hills for your run. Today was not any of those for me.

With the first of the D.D.M.C. Challenge completed last weekend, I really didn't have a clue what to run. Do I run an easy 10 miler or do I just run for time? The decision was pretty simple after I thought about it. Head out the door and ramble along for a hour at an easy pace (very slow!), turn around, and then head for home.

Running for time as opposed to distance reminded me of my time as a newbie when I initally measured my progress in time covered not miles. Back to the days when I could run for x amount of time and not have to walk, feel like my lungs weren't going to explode, have that 100% cotton t-shirt feel like i gained 5 lbs, or excitedly call my dad at work to tell him i ran for 2 minutes than the day before.

In the end today, I covered just over 11 miles in 2 hrs, but it was the time I was after not the distance.


Anonymous said...

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Brian Thomas said...

You should definitely do the Paint Creek run. Is there anything that I should be ready for? The hills at Pinckney really did in my knee at the end of December so I'm hoping things are pretty flat.

I know what you mean about going out for a run without real goals. It's a good break sometimes, but lately, I've suffered from some lack of motivation due to undefined goals. I really need to pick a race for 2008.