Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What about tradition?

I would not define myself as a religious man. Yes, I attended Catholic school for 5 years as a youth and was an altar boy at one point, but that does not mean  that I attend church regularly now. Its just not how I worship.  One thing, though that I still carry to this day and is seared in my head is the point of tradition.

I was reminded this past weekend about tradition, as I was at church and noticed the altar girl walking by with sneakers on. Are you kidding me? Sneakers?? Even in my attend here, attend there state of worship, I would never enter a house of worship with sneakers on. Never. That goes against all tradition that I was taught as a youth. Tradition meant wearing dress shoes and slacks, think Sunday best, if you were going to serve or worship.

Tradition loosely defined is a ritual, belief or object that is passed down throughout society and still practiced or followed in the present. Tradition is why we will gather in a few days with our respective friends and families to share a meal and be thankful that we are able to all be together around the table. Tradition is not about abandoning the past because you are too lazy to follow a precedent that has been set before.

Is this where it starts? A failure to adhere to tradition as to why cracks begin to form in the very fabric of the way we do things?  I believe in tradition because if it hadn't meant so much to so many people in the past then why would it be called a tradition ? There is value in tradition.

Enjoy and embrace the tradition this holiday weekend with your family and friends.

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