Monday, April 02, 2007

One for the ages!

Dirt Dawg Achieves New PB!!!

On a cloudy and cool day, with remnants of a storm lingering around, I had decided that this marathon (my 10th official) would be an easy long run to just get in some miles before I began in earnest again the pursuit of a fall 50 miler. In my head, I had projected a 4:15 or so given my last long run time and started off in route with my Go-Lite Tailwind Pack ( stuffed with Hammer Gel and Perpetum ( .

Naturally the cool weather had me bounding down the course like a happy sprite and the little voice inside my head said “slow down, you have a long day ahead of you.” The miles just seemed to float on by and I even garnered a few comments from fellow plodders as to why I had the pack.

“Are you getting ready for an adventure race?” (No, I just like gear and the refreshments provided by the race support I don’t use))

“Are you an ultramarathoner?” (Working on it)

The one thing I dislike about this race is after about 10 miles, the half marathoners make the turn around and the participants drop significantly. Basically you are running by yourself, a great exercise in focus. Passing the half marathon in 1:46 (8:05 /mile), I realized that I had a shot at breaking my PB of (3:47) set at Detroit in my first marathon attempt.

Things were going along pretty well until mile 19 and 2 things happened that I would never wish on anyone in a race. First, at mile 20 I had to go to the bathroom, which has never happened in all my races. Don’t hit the panic button yet, I thought, things are fine. Then nearing the 21 mile mark, the stomach started gurgling….Not good….. Slowed to a walk I had to stop by the side of the road and faced a dilemma:

(1) Continue at a walk and just make it to the finish, good effort for the day

(2) Blow chunks…hope it clears the mechanism and try and still set a PB

Ok, so I chose #2. It wasn’t pretty and I felt like crap the rest of the way but I managed to finish in 3:44, a PB by over 3 minutes! Thought when you set a PB, you were supposed to feel great the entire way.

TIME: 3:44

½ marathon split: 1:46 (8:05 per mile)

½ marathon split: 1:58 (9:00 per mile)

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