Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Road or Trail Runner?

Thanks to a fellow runner and listener of the podcast for this fun little test to see if you are a road or trail runner. What is your score?

1. Which would you rather run:

(a) the Boston Marathon in under 3 hours (0 points)
(b) the Pike's Peak Marathon in under 5 hours ( +1 )
(c) the Hardrock, who cares about the time (+2)

2. Do you regularly return from runs bleeding? (+1)

3. Do you regularly encounter animals which could maim or kill you (i.e. elk, bear, cougar, hog, or rattlesnake) ? (dogs don't count...only if you have been threatened by one) (+1)

4. Are all your running socks brown? (+1)

5. Have you ever gotten dirt in your mouth or up your nose from a fall? (+1)

6. Have you ever taken a detour in a race to top a peak or "see" what's over the next ridge"? (+1)

7. Do you time your workouts (-1)? Do you record the times? (-1)

8. Which do you fear more on runs, getting shot by hunters (+1), or getting shot by gangs (-1)?

9. Do you keep a written PR list (-1) Is it pubicly accessible (i.e. pinned to the wall of your office, or posted on a WWW home page)? (-1)

10. Have you ever missed a meeting at work because that loop was "a little longer than you thought"? (+1)

11. Have you ever had to pull cactus thorns out of your shoe, or a yucca spie out of your shin? (+1) Are there some in your leg right now? (+3)

12. On most of your runs, do you often have to decide whether to cross against the red light?

13. How long does it take a fresh pair of shoes to lose that "new look" two weeks (-1), one week (0), three days (+1) one day (+2), two hours (+4)?

14. Have you ever torn your shirt, shorts, or flesh on a barbed wire fence? (+1)

15. Do you regularly carry a street map on runs? (+1) A topo map? (+2)

16. Do you regularly wear gaiters or dump large amounts of dirt from your shoes? (+1)

17. Have you ever gotten lost enough on a run that someone had to come looking for you? (+1) And never found you? (+3) You're lost right now? (+6)

18. Are there times you can't go on your favorite run because of mud or high water? (+1)

19. Can you pee anywhere you want on your runs? (+1)


<7>A true road runner - may your PR's forever quicken

7 - 12 = A trail runner in spirit. now get the hell out of the city and move to where there are some trails!

> 12 = A hardcore trail runner. I can almost see your bloody knees from here


Dan said...

I got a -7. See you on the pavement.

Miriam @ Sometimes Sporty said...

Ok, so I got an 7, but I'm getting better. I mean, I did a barefoot trail race the other day, I can't be that much of a dirt runner ;-)

jon paul said...

got an 11, which i'm pretty happy with, time to get the hell out of dodge and find me some dirt, roots, and rocks.

Kris said...

No wonder I love trails so much, I'm just into the hardcore trailer runner. I just haven't had the time or experience yet to wrack up more points! LOL thanks for sharing the little test.

Chris K said...

If I said to myself, "What's Pike's Peak & The Hardrock" for question #1, do I need to continue the quiz? BTW, what's Trail Running? :-)

Stuart said...

15...hmm no surprises there then

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Anne said...

15 Getting lost in the woods regularly is part of the fun..... I've turned my ankles lots of times on tree roots... you forgot that one, but maybe that's where the blood and dirt up your nose fits in.

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Unknown said...

Nice site, like the NY pics hope I can be there some day,

Why are you a Dirt Dawg?

just fir fun
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keep those trails and streets clean