Friday, December 26, 2008

Peek N Peak

A Google mapped trip of 5 hr and 8 min, clocked in at just under 8 hours today, as we drove from our home base in Meechigan to Findley Lake, NY home of Peek N Peak Resort ( Probably not the smartest thing to do today as we drove straight into a winter mess that glazed the highway and saw us watch cars spin off the highway and endure a near hour standstill on I-75. All of this with a near two year old in Dirrty Feather riding in the backseat.

However, upon arrival, Dirrty Girl and I took Little Dirt Dawg, who had helped his Bub negotiate the slick roads via the backseat, out tubing and coached him in the car to say at the ticket window, " I five" and enjoyed a great time. Dirrty Girl and I dropped him back off with the grandparents and promptly headed for the slopes for some night time skiing. Dirrty Girl true to form much like her running is slow and steady and makes her way down the slopes with her snowplow method. I on the other hand, want to think I am better than I am which is why I end up on my rear end, or near trees, or just stopping. FUN.

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