Saturday, February 05, 2011

Super 5k

Today marked the return to a distance that I ran I high school, the 5k. Without serious training, I somehow managed to run an 18:51 back then which was good enough to be varsity at my school, but left middle to back on the pack at invitationals and nowhere near a time that would qualify for a regional or more. I ran what I deserved given my lack of seriousness. It's always easier to say...I wish I had...after the fact. Nevertheless, the time still stands as my PB or PR (which one is is really?) and it is one that I have put down as a goal to break this year.

Despite getting over a nagging cold and a calf muscle strain, I was still looking forward to the Super 5k to set a time for the year and get out there and attempt to "race it". To feel fast, I donned the Brooks Singlet over a long sleeve tech and fleece pullover.

The temp was a brisk 25 degrees with a nice windchill of 18. Roads were wet and sloppy from the fresh fallen powder the night before and made for some interesting traction points along the way.

Onto the race. I am really making a concerted effort this year to do things right in terms of warmup, race smart, and cooldown to achieve the best results. Step one: run easy for 20 minutes with several striders to warm up. Step two: attempt to run even splits instead of going out in a blaze of glory as has been the pattern. I didn't do to bad here averaging: 6:25, 6:28, 6:33 with a finishing time of 20:10. Step three: deposit most awesome pint glass to be filled with a frothy cowboy pop and run/walk as recovery.

Mission accomplished for the day. So here's to the snow melting, the temperature rising, and faster feet!


MichaelRunner said...

That's fast. I'd be proud of a time like that!

chris mcpeake said...

Well done man.