Thursday, December 30, 2010

Clean Slate

In less than 2 days, a clean slate awaits. 2011. How will you define the year? Where will you set the bar? For me, the challenges are below in what is a new move in that I am writing them down and have committed to following a plan.

1. Another Boston Marathon qualifier (3:15 or better)

2. Better my 18:51 5k time set in high school cross country

3. Sub 40 min 10k

4. Complete a duathlon or triathlon

What about you?


Amy C said...

Great goals! Here are mine:

- Trail marathon in the spring/early summer

- Pike's Peak double in August (yikes!)

- 50-mile qualifying run in the fall with the hopes of running Western States in 2012 (or '13)

mainely triathlon said...

It will be fun watching you do your training on this. I am still a little torn on who to follow I am reading the Run Faster book by Brad Hudson and Matt Fitzgerald and really like the longer run during the week and the hill training he talks about.But it all will be moot if my achilles does not heal up
Have a great New Year Jason

Dan said...

Good luck on your goals!
In 2011, I hope to run a sub 3 hour marathon at Bayshore & run Stump Jump 50k but actually finish this time.

Eoin said...

My main goals are a)run my first marathon in April and b) run my first 50k in June.
Good luck with yours!