Monday, October 04, 2010

It won't be like this for long.....

Today, I had the opportunity to take both my son and daughter out on a run with me. It took a little coaxing to get my son out the door, but fueled by a homemade cookie, he was ready to lead the way. My daughter, on the other hand needed no coaxing. She quickly grabbed her blankie and ran out towards the weather worn baby jogger demanding to be covered up.

Seems like yesterday, I was propping up my son with blankets so the straps would safely lock him in like an astronaut ready to take flight. Now, we are discussing his homework as a first grader and he was stopping at every street crossing making sure it was safe for me and his sister to keep rolling. I caught myself on several occasions yelling from afar like my dad used to do to me saying "Be careful, put your feet on the pedals".

My daughter urged me to go faster and to catch her brother. She pulled down the visor when the sun hit her directly head on and said she wanted to run when we were still 2 miles from home.

It was only 3 miles, but it seemed much longer. One of those runs and times where you wish you could just bottle it up and go back to over and over again. That is what memories are for. Even though, I know these times won't be like this for long, it is one that I will hold onto.


Stuart said...

Fun times!

We closed tat era earlier this year with the sale of the BOB stroller, still now I am looking forward to the new one with bikes and hikes!

Star Wars Runner said...

Hey Dirt Dawg, I will be arriving in the big "D" on Thursday night for the marathon. Do you have anything planned for the weekend???? I am going to see the downtrodden Wolverines get annihilated by the Hawkeyes. I am thinking that I will go to the expo on Friday.


Anonymous said...

I love it... can' t wait to have kids!

Captain Hairdo said...

I started running with my son in a baby jogger when he was 8 weeks old and continued nearly daily until he was almost 4. I have wonderful memories of that, and he does too- though most of them are vague. It was a wonderful time, almost magical, and I too wish I could have bottled a bit of it up. He is 13 now and we're on to bigger, better adventures, but I'll always cherish that time.