Friday, January 01, 2010

Y.I.R. 2009

Year in Review 2009:


# of runs: 350

Miles: 2,481

Time: 473 hours and 53 min

Average Run: 7.1 miles

Average Pace: 11:27 min/mile


# of rides: 52

Miles: 428

Time: 33 hr 52 min

Average Ride: 8.2 miles

Best part was that I was able to get out there and meet some amazing people. Really excited to see what 2010 holds. Bring it!


chris mcpeake said...

great year

chris mcpeake said...

thanks for leaving a comment.
Going to be running sulphur springs as my first 100 as its close and I know the course (did the 25k there last year)

Maeko said...

Really? Only 474 hours of running? That comes out to, what, 5.4% of last year in pure hours. That's it?


I'm training for a marathon now. I'm up to my 4 miler long runs now. Pretty soon I'll be back up to 5-6 milers pretty regularly. I hope you're proud of little me. "Not Fast Mae-Mae" :P

Mae (Ko)